The Modern Art Exchange

Located in Oakland, California, The Modern Art Exchange offers a large selection of paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs by celebrious as well as obscure artists from around the world. We are open by appointment in Oakland, and operate an online gallery and modern art auction. We pride ourselves in offering a no satisfaction guarantee on all purchases.

The Modern Art Exchange buys and sells abstract, surrealist, minimalist, regionalist, fauvist, expressionist, impressionist, and modernist works of art.

Please enjoy the offerings and contact us with any needs.
KC Seymour, owner.

Current Featured Item

Chen Danqing – Lotus Shoes

Chen Danqing Lotus Shoes Oil on canvas, 1996 A superb still life oil painting on canvas by highly regarded contemporary Chinese artist Chen Danqing. Chen Danqing was born …

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  • Charles Bert
    Charles Bert
  • John Clem Clarke
    John Clem Clarke
  • Javier Vilato
    Javier Vilato
  • John Saccaro
    John Saccaro
  • Aaron Siskind
    Aaron Siskind
  • Harold Mitchell Kramer
    Harold Mitchell Kramer
  • Raymond Jonson
    Raymond Jonson
  • Peter Camfferman
    Peter Camfferman
  • Josepha Haveman
    Josepha Haveman
  • Jerrold Ballaine
    Jerrold Ballaine
  • David Tolerton
    David Tolerton
  • Werner Drewes
    Werner Drewes
  • Prunella Clough
    Prunella Clough
  • Sidney Gordin
    Sidney Gordin
  • Virginia Banks
    Virginia Banks
  • Boris Fedushin
    Boris Fedushin
  • Edwin Dickinson
    Edwin Dickinson
  • James Lee Hansen
    James Lee Hansen
  • Ian Woodner
    Ian Woodner
  • Oscar Bluemner
    Oscar Bluemner
  • Edward Corbett
    Edward Corbett
  • Alexandre Noll
    Alexandre Noll
  • John Franklin Koenig
    John Franklin Koenig
  • Hans Gustav Burkhardt
    Hans Gustav Burkhardt
  • Jerrold Ballaine
    Jerrold Ballaine
  • Edward Giobbi
    Edward Giobbi
  • Wendell Brazeau
    Wendell Brazeau
  • Frank Koci
    Frank Koci
  • Prunella Clough
    Prunella Clough
  • Wendell Brazeau
    Wendell Brazeau
  • John Marin
    John Marin
  • Jerry Opper
    Jerry Opper
  • Richard Crist
    Richard Crist
  • John Wehmer
    John Wehmer
  • John Saccaro
    John Saccaro
  • Gordon Onslow Ford
    Gordon Onslow Ford
  • Charmion Von Wiegand
    Charmion Von Wiegand
  • William Fredericksen
    William Fredericksen
  • Edward Corbett
    Edward Corbett
  • Mark Tobey
    Mark Tobey
  • Emil Bisstram
    Emil Bisstram
  • William T. Wiley
    William T. Wiley
  • Raymond Saunders
    Raymond Saunders
  • Jacques Villon
    Jacques Villon
  • William Lee
    William Lee
  • Wendell Brazeau
    Wendell Brazeau
  • Virginia Banks
    Virginia Banks
  • Jay Steensma
    Jay Steensma
  • De Hirsch Margules
    De Hirsch Margules
  • Carl Holty
    Carl Holty
  • Chen Danqing
    Chen Danqing
  • Raymond Jonson
    Raymond Jonson
  • Paul Wonner
    Paul Wonner
  • Selden Gile
    Selden Gile
  • J. Rudolph Gessley
    J. Rudolph Gessley
  • Chiura Obata
    Chiura Obata
  • Robert Sterling
    Robert Sterling
  • Walter Froelich
    Walter Froelich
  • Hilo Chen
    Hilo Chen
  • Jun Dobashi
    Jun Dobashi
  • Peter Camfferman
    Peter Camfferman
  • Madge Knight
    Madge Knight
  • Charles Griffin Farr
    Charles Griffin Farr
  • Jean Weinbaum
    Jean Weinbaum
  • Stanton MacDonald-Wright
    Stanton MacDonald-Wright
  • Richard Faralla
    Richard Faralla
  • Norman K. Lundin
    Norman K. Lundin
  • Ernst Mollenhauer
    Ernst Mollenhauer
  • Charles Bert
    Charles Bert
  • Oscar Bluemner
    Oscar Bluemner
  • Michael Spafford
    Michael Spafford

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