On the Move - The modern paintings of William Bishop Owen Jr.


‘On the Move’ reveals the ever-changing style of man on the move, an artist who constantly studied and explored new approaches to modern art.

This exhibition of modern paintings by American artist William Bishop Owen Jr. includes examples of impressionism, regionalism, cubism, constructivism, and expressionism created by the artist from the 1920s to the 1950s.

Most of the works assembled in this exhibition have been in the collection of the artist’s family and were last seen by the public in a retrospective of the artist’s works in 1972.

Thanks to a chance encounter with one of William’s modern paintings at an antique show near San Francisco, CA, and to the care and diligence of a loving family who caretook these paintings, we are able to present to you these unique modernist paintings by the highly trained American painter William Bishop Owen Jr.

Narrative / Biographical Information on William Bishop Owen Jr.
  • ‘Garden’
  • ‘Wonderland’


The Modern Art Exchange would like to thank the Maier Museum of Art for allowing us to reproduce ‘Abstraction’ oil on canvas, 1954, which is held in their permanent collection.

We would also like to thank the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota for allowing The Modern Art Exchange to reproduce an image of ‘Winter’ c.1930s, a work in their permanent collection, originally purchased from Federal Art Project, Central Allocations Division, NYC.

Special thanks to the family of William Owen Jr., in particular David Owen, for caring for these works of art for more than 40 years so that we may all enjoy them today.